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CHRF is dedicated to the improvement of children and family health by identifying resources for medical research, and support outreach programs in the lower Hudson Valley. Together with our community partners, we find the right solutions and take advantage of opportunities to seek, organize, and facilitate medical research that support out outreach programs.

CHRF works hard to eliminate disparities and improve the health of women, children and family which includes Westchester & Rockland counties. The Lower Hudson Valley Perinatal Network, now managed by CHRF was originally organized in 2004 by the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Regional Perinatal Center with March of Dimes funding.


In 2010 the LHVPN became a program of the CHRF, Inc.


The mission of the Children’s Health and Research Foundation, Inc. is to support and promote, on a non profit basis, the health of children and families in New York’s Hudson Valley and surrounding regions, particularly the most vulnerable members of these communities, with a focus on improving health services for mothers and children and enhancing the quality of life of children diagnosed with chronic or serious medical conditions.

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